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Local sake, ground shochu etc All menu All you can drink 3 hours with premium course 5000 yen ◆ With a pot to choose ◆

Local sake, ground shochu etc All menu All you can drink 3 hours with premium course 5000 yen ◆ With a pot to choose ◆

By using a coupon5000 Yen

Local sake, ground shochu All menu All you can drink 3 H with special sticky prime, Premium full-course with a pan

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◆ All you can drink menu ◆

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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Local sake, ground distilled spirit etc. All menu with all you can drink! Special selection of sashimi assortment, charcoal grilling of chicken, choice of specialty water cooked and hot pot, "Haikou shop premium full-round course" 3 H drinking with sashimi and sushi of the sea cat shop specialties It is with a free choice.Please enjoy relaxing in a single room, half a single room.It is also recommended for entertaining.(There are regulars who only request this course ...)

Course menu

◆ Prepared 3 points

◆ Plenty of Itoshima vegetables and duck salad

◆ Plenty of fish in the season!

Assorted kitty-shop boasting sashimi

◆ Charcoal grilling of sweet potato chicken and celery

◆ Deep-fried food

Shrimp wonton wound

Spring roll of sweet potato roll

Tempura of seasonal vegetables

◆ Please choose from the next pot

Milky chicken soup thoroughly cooked and used Fukuoka old-fashioned foot flesh!

【Kaiko shop special water cooker】

Sautéed soy sauce squeezing skipjack from domestic black cattle cow's small intestine and chicken breast

【Special Hakata pot】

In Hakata is only a kitty shop! You can taste the pot with water · Together at the same time

【Ocean cat shop special 2 color pan】

◆ Dinner noodles or noodles

◆ Dessert

※ The content may vary depending on purchase

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Kirin's best squeezed draft beer
· Bottled beer
· Kirin Classic Lager · Asahi Super Dry
· Fruit wine (rock · water split)
· Plain plum wine · Anzu wine · Blueberry wine
· Oak Master High Ball · Cork High Ball · Ginger High Ball · Kyoho High Ball
· Shochu high
· Lime · Lemon · Oolong Tea · Giant Peap · Calpis
· Cocktail "Cassis"
· Cassis soda · Cassis Orange · Cassis grapefruit · Cassis oolong
· Cocktail "Via Cocktail"
· Lemon Beer · Limevia · Shandigafu
· Cocktail "Peach"
· Fuzzy Neeble · Peach Orange · Peach Mango
· Cocktail "Pims · Jin · Lamb · Vodka"
· Pimsusoda · Pimus Orange · Gimbak · Gin Tonic · Mojito · Moscommeur
· Moon crown Hengda moon dry
· Shochu
· "Tato" Black Kirishima · White Kirishima · "wheat" white water · "rice" white water
·Red and white
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · Coke · Orange juice · Mango juice · Grapefruit juice · Ginger ale · Calpis soda
Local sake
· We are preparing from seasonal items to classic staple in East 1, Mita, Ryujin, Wakaba, other spots.
· Earth Shochu
· Sato black, roast sweet potato, countryside, available at other spots in the moon.

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